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Department of Meteorology and Climatology

Staff & Research Areas:

Prof.  Mirosław Miętus, PhD – Head of the Department
Quality of long-term climatological data sets,
Climate variability and change,
Statistical downscaling,
Climate scenarios and impact of climate change,
Marine and polar climatology.

Mirosława Malinowska, PhD – e-mail:
Hydrometeorology: atmospheric phase of water exchange, genetic types of precipitation, methods of  evaporation assessment, circulation conditions influencing atmospheric phase of water exchange, atmospheric instability, extreme atmospheric events like storms and heavy precipitation.

Janusz Filipiak, PhD – e-mail:
Historical climatology,
Climate change,
Institutional and law activities in the area of climate change.

Małgorzata Owczarek, PhD – e-mail:
Applied climatology

Michał Marosz, PhD – e-mail:
Synoptic Climatology,
Application of Artificial Neural Networks in climate research.

Andrzej Wyszkowski, PhD – e-mail:

Department of Meteorology and Climatology
Institute of Geography
University of Gdansk
Bażyńskiego 4,
80-952, Gdańsk, Poland
tel: (+48 58) 523 65 24

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